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Are you a brave visionary ready to disrupt the norm and develop your brand as a leader in your industry? Let’s get going on your brand engineering today! 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a start-up breaking barriers or a long-standing business making bold changes, we’d love to help you create a brand that wins the hearts and minds of your consumers.

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We understand the risk and uncertainty that comes with brand differentiation and creating a high value brand

You need an airtight brand strategy and a team that will tailor your brand engineering experience from start to finish. Don’t sit back thinking ‘where do I start?’ - entrust your brand to a partner that has your best interests at heart so that you can get back to tackling your business’ growth with full focus.

While you focus on your business, our team of brand engineers will focus on presenting your brand in the best possible position to succeed.

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we treat your brand like our own 

We’re a band of passionate brand engineers, guiding visionaries and entrepreneurs ready to transform your brand into a high-value business asset.

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We approach each relationship with balance, empathy, and practicality, seeking to understand your unique challenges while helping you realise the potential of your brand.

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We’ll empower your brand to break through the noise and connect with your audience in a truly meaningful way through strong strategy, positioning and brand differentiation. 

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They understood our core value proposition and assisted in creating an authentic brand promise that still today lives up to our actual customer brand experience. They also broadened my perspective on branding and empowered our team to effectively and positively manage our corporate reputation, significantly increasing the bottom-line value of the business.

Rita Zwane, Founder - BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama

Kustodian has added great value and insight in developing and positioning Beefcor as a premium retail brand. I have personally learnt a lot, especially in terms of how retail branding works, understanding the value propositions of brands, the transition from a commodity to a branded beef offering, the operational support needed and the more specific marketing required in order for a brand to succeed.


Their strategic branding insights were important to our team working on rebranding and growing our organisation. The rebranding played a vital role in the company’s transition from being perceived as a small family-owned business into becoming a globally relevant and competitive group of companies. They expertly led us through this process delivering results that exceeded our expectations.


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