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We are a team of brand engineers and strategy consultants that value innovation, creativity and ownership. We’re inspired by the dreams that business owners carry for their brands, we care about breathing life into those dreams and setting your brand up for ultimate success. 

We are not the run-of-the-mill brand consultants that push our ideas over yours. We are passionate about collaboration and want to connect your brand meaningfully to your consumers. In the ever changing world of brand engineering, we stay in tune with what makes brands desirable and top-of-mind to ensure that we empower your brand to become a high-value business asset. 

Meet Kyle Rolfe

Meet Kyle Rolfe

Officially known as the Lead Brand Engineer at Kustodian Brand Consultancy.

Give him a blank piece of paper and watch Kyle strategically craft a brand with extraordinary insight, creative flair and a savvy sense of business. This has earned him a reputation of being one of South Africa’s leading brand engineers.

Kustodian is a brand built on relationships and Kyle is spearheading those relationships first hand to bring brands to life!!

why choose kustodian

Through every partnership and in every aspect of our brand strategy consulting, we put our best foot forward with our values being front and centre. Here’s what you get when you collaborate with Kustodian:  

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Acting in the best interest of the brand at all times.
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There is no space for ego, only respect.
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We believe in building value through relationships.
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When we all put something in, we all get something out.
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We like an environment that balances comfort and challenge.
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Don’t be afraid to take a risk if it adds value.
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A promise made is a promise kept.



With decades of experience in the branding industry, we’ve curated our values and principles that guide our actions and drive our innovation. Everything we do stems from our belief in these principles: 

The Power of Value

High-value brands win hearts and minds. They convince customers that they’re more valuable than their competition - the ultimate measure of success.

The Power of Promise

Great brands don’t rely on gimmicks to gain traction. They understand their market and seek to be truly useful to them. Bold, clear promises can only be backed by great products and experiences.

The Power of Authenticity

Strong brands don’t need to be fake - they know who they are. When they walk the walk and talk the talk, customers connect with them on a whole new level.

The Power of Trust

Building genuine trust is critical to building a high-value brand. It doesn’t matter how great your branding or marketing is if they don’t believe what you’re saying. 

The Power of Partnership

We’re here to help. Our clients are busy people with big visions who can’t afford to get it wrong.  Our purpose is to guide and equip, to clarify and simplify, to help pave the road ahead. Let us be your proactive partners, helping you look ahead and drive your brand towards your vision.

Now that you know us better, let's start your brand journey!

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