Beefcor Brand Identity

Brand Assessment / Brand Definition


In 2014, Beefcor had made the strategic decision that they no longer wished to be traded as a commodity, and needed to transform from a wholesale business with a very low public profile to a retail brand exposed in full to the public. While that made rebranding the business an obvious decision, it wasn’t something that could be taken lightly and needed to be carefully thought through at every stage of the process.

We needed to strip the brand down to the bone so to speak. So the approach to the branding was to look at the core of the brand and where it came from. The logo was inspired by a cattle branding iron, evolved in four different variations to make it imminently applicable across a myriad of applications and mediums. We then developed a visual language for the brand which focused on showcasing the product in it’s rawest form, the black and white colour palette working well with the deep red of the meat.

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