Beefcor Heritage Day Campaign 2018

Brand Positioning


Heritage Day is one of South Africa's most loved holidays as it's generally celebrated by relaxing around a braai with friends and family. In 2018, Beefcor once again ran a competition in order to create brand awareness and increase their social media following.


• Create brand awareness.
• Build a bigger social media following.

Campaign concept

The campaign aimed to celebrate the quintessential players in South African braai culture and spoke to audiences with the universal language of memes. A series of 8 popular memes were created and posted on social media, each comically braai-related and tweaked to have the Beefcor look and feel, whilst still remaining true to the original meme.

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The Competition

To enter the competition, the audience nominated their Braai Legend by tagging them on the appropriate posts. Every person that entered stood a chance to win the grand prize which was a fully catered braai and some Beefcor branded items. Winners were selected at random at the end of the campaign.

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