Imbizo Brand Identity

Brand Assessment / Brand Definition


When we were approached to look at rebranding Imbizo Shisanyama, it already had an incredibly strong founders story. From its humble beginnings operating out of a cargo container, it had distinguished itself beyond the usual ‘Shisanyama’ experience to being a popular venue for locals, business people, and tourists alike.

However, their branding at the time seemed to not be properly considered and it had a curio shop feel to it, which undermined the brand’s positioning. There was also confusion on the naming of the brand - was it Imbizo or was it ‘Busy Corner’, a name that the patron’s bestowed on the restaurant.

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The team conceptualised and created the contemporary and stylish African inspired BUSY CORNER Imbizo Shisanyama branding which powerfully and positively engages with the brands already loyal patron base, further solidifying the establishment’s dominant market position and industry leadership. Over the last eight years the brand has become a cultural icon and is one of the most well-known and much loved premium brands in the South African Food, Beverage and Hospitality sector today.

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